Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Airline Flight Schedule: Great Barrier Airlines

Established in 1983, Great Barrier Airlines is a New Zealand Airline that operate out of Auckland Airport, North Shore Aerodrome, Great Barrier Aerodrome, Kaitaia and Whangarei Airports.

Great Barrier Airlines currently operates a fleet of 9 aircraft, with several more in the pipeline.  Our aircraft are all professionally maintained by our engineering staff.

Britten Norman Islander and Trislander aircraft make up the bulk of the fleet, and are used mainly on out Great Barrier routes. We also make use of Piper Cherokee 6 when loads are a little lighter.  Our Partenavia is used mainly for freight, and sometimes charter work.

The other two aircraft in the fleet are again Piper aircraft, but this time the bigger PA-31 series, we operate both a Chieftain and a Navajo.  These two get used mainly for charter, but can occasionally be seen on Great Barrier.

Great Barrier Airlines Origin and Destinations.

Great Barrier Airlines fly to and from Auckland, Great Barrier, Hamilton, Kaikoura Island, Kaitaia, Kerikeri, Martingborough, Matarangi, North Shore, Palmerston North, Pauanui Beach, Taupo, Turangi, Waiheke, Whangarei, Whitianga, New Plymouth.

Flights to your destination may transit via one or more airfields on route. (e.g Auckland to Great Barrier via North Shore, North Shore to Great Barrier via Okiwi) - Okiwi Flights will not operate on GB11, GB12, GB211 and GB212 on either Friday or Sunday evenings.