Friday, May 3, 2013

Air France's Singapore flights to use smaller Boeing plane

Air France will start to serve its Shanghai route three times every week with the Airbus SAS double-decker A380s even as it took superjumbos off its Paris-Singapore route to move these to the China route.

Air France spokesperson Ulli Gendrot said that the airline's Singapore flights will now be using smaller Boeing planes. Gendrot added that it is the policy of Air France-KLM to utilise its planes while considering demand and market situation.

Hong Kong Express Airways to turn into budget airline

In seeking a slice of the pie of Asia’s booming low-cost flights market, Hong Kong Express Airways Ltd wants to turn itself into a budget airline in Q3 of 2013.

Company President Yang Jianhong said that it will reveal plan details in May. Yang added that Hong Kong Express sees the potential for growth in budget-carrier services, because the Asian market has been relatively untapped compared to the European and North American markets.